World’s first A.I. curling robot devloped

This is how we get Skynet people… The machine uprising has begun.

It starts with robots taking away our jobs as curlers, next thing you know it’ll be hockey…

Korean Ministry of Science and ICT announced that Korean joint research team of 8 institutions developed a curling robot with “Artificial Intelligence Curling SW” to create optimal curling stone pitching strategy. 

The curling robot, ‘Curly’ is divided into three main parts. AI program CurlBrain, skipper bot and a thrower bot.

The skipper bot recognizes the game situation through the camera mounted on the head. Then the skipper robot transmits a game image recognized through the camera and A.I. software CurlBrain establishes an optimum pitch strategy based on this information.


via World’s first A.I. curling robot devloped

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