Dr. Squatch Natural Soaps

Another bright Idea

As always this will be a down and dirty type of review, or clean as the case may be. It will be based in real world terms, not fancy marketing hype. Ready or not, here we go.

Disclaimer: None, the soap was not provided to me by the manufacturer, I obtained it myself, as I am a direct customer of theirs.

Common Background: I workout a lot, therefore I sweat. Let me restate that I workout and I sweat a lot. That’s more accurate. As a result I shower frequently. I’m always looking for that better product. One that works better, smells nicer, lasts longer, and is still gentle enough for those days that I need use it multiple times. I have tried many different brands of soap. Bars, powders, and liquid in my pursuit of cleanliness.

You may not have ever heard of Dr. Squatch (http://www.drsquatch.com), if you haven’t, read on and maybe you’ll find the surfactant  you’ve been looking for.

Dr. Squatch offers a wide variety of natural soaps all with classic manly scents. I prefer the Gold Moss Scrub bar as it has scent that reminds me of the the North woods.Right So let’s get into the good, the bad, and the other



All Natural: Being handmade soap, the glycerin is retained in the bar, and they use non GMO coconut, hemp, soy, and olive oils to help keep your skin moisturized and soft.

Cold Processed: Cold process soap has no need to add harsh chemicals or preservatives. That means it’s safer for your skin and the environment.

Scent: All of the soaps have great scents. the moment you open the shipping box you get hit with it. Don’t get me wrong it’s not overwhelming, but it is very present.

Lather: Being natural soaps loaded with glycerin these soaps have plenty of lather-ability



Size: All of their soaps are square blocks, not the standard rectangle shape so they won’t fit in a standard carrier if your taking them on a trip.

Cost: I won’t lie, their soap isn’t cheap. It costs about $7 a bar. but if you get on their subscription plan it gives you a price break.

Durability: For the average person that showers everyday a bar will last about 2 weeks.



Uses: Because it’s all natural I actually use these soaps instead of shampoo. My hair is softer and smoother than it has been in years thanks to these products.



In my opinion Dr. Squatch makes a fine product, one that I would happily recommend to friends and family. The cost is a bit high, but the quality outweighs the cost. If you are looking for a great soap that will leave you clean and smelling manly Dr.Squatch is the product for you.


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