Stuff I carry with me most of the time, Or, What’s in Rob’s bag


So I was asked the other day, by a fellow geek, “What are the things that you carry with you all the time”

My answer was pretty short on a daily basis it’s just my phone and my smartwatch, but I do have some pretty nifty gadgets for when I run/exercise/hike/whatever. So I decided to list the stuff that I have that I think is pretty darned nifty.

Phone: Current device, Samsung Note 3 32GB with a 64GB sd card

Smart Watch 1: Galaxy gear (original model) running Null ROM with both cores active

Smart Watch 2: Omate Truesmart ( it’s a fully functional standalone android phone as well as a watch

Headset 1: Blue buds X by Jaybird ( These are my everyday earphones they are customized with Decibullz custom earmolds (

Headset 2: Bluez 2 by Aftershokz ( these are my go to headphones for outdoor exercise and while at the gym. They are bone conduction headphgones so I can hear the outside world while hearing my music

Headset 3: Pump HD by Blueant ( These are my  going out in bad weather headphones as they are fully water proofed and can be washed under the tap.

Heart Rate Monitor 1: Scosche Rhythm ( this is a Bluetooth HRM that uses optical tech to take readings. It straps to your arm rather than your chest, making it much more convenient to use.

Heart Rate Monitor 2: Scosche MyTrek  this is the older version of the Rhythm it’s my backup

Heart Rate Monitor 3: Polar FT4 with a rigid chest strap ( The soft straps that come most HRMs don’t work well for me.

External Battery 1: LK 3800mAh External Backup Power Bank Battery Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ( This is a battery/case that doubles the runtime of my phone.

External Battery 2: Intocircuit Power Castle PC26000 26000mAh External Battery Pack ( this gives me the power needed for long trips off the grid.

Solar Charger: Instapark 10w Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger with Built-in Dual USB Ports ( Great for when the 2 external batteries die.

Home Charger: Roker 40W/ 4-Port USB Charging Station ( this provides plenty of power and allows me to charge 4 devices at once.

Tablet 1: Dell Venue 8 Android Tablet ( For when I want a larger screen for reading or what not.

Tablet 2: Dell Venue 8 pro Windows 8.1 pro tablet ( For when I want to use full fledged windows but have limited space.

Tablet 3: Apple iPad 2 64 GB this is really just my Pandora device, it sits on my desk most of the time streaming music. I’m more of an android guy. but It does get used when troubleshooting issues for other people.

So that pretty much sums up my current stuff. Soi now I ask? What’s in your bag?



One thought on “Stuff I carry with me most of the time, Or, What’s in Rob’s bag

  1. Nice list Rob

    On a daily basis I only carry a few things:

    1: iPhone 5 (32Gb in black with a thin gel case)
    2: Pebble – For notifications for whilst I’m at work. Mainly calls that get through my ‘Do Not Disturb’ filter, iMessages and tweets
    3: iPad Mini (16Gb in White)

    When I’m a home I mainly use the HP ChromeBook 11. A fantastic tool for accessing the internet.

    Why do I have all of these things?

    Because they just work, the way they are intended to be 🙂


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